Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Card Mission Accomplished!

The last of my Christmas cards have been sent out yesterday and now I'm just sitting back and enjoying the chillout. Completing the whole project was a lengthy labor of love that I cut into manageable segments. I did that with everything...Creating the card, cutting, pasting...doing everything in increments...There was a period when I hit the limitations on my picture software and nearly threw my hands up in frustration and futility. After a couple days of mild self-pity, I went back to it. The act of creation was also a learning process this time: The ins and outs of certain computer software, working around logistical problems, incorporating the ideas of others...it all led to an evolution. So when the final product emerges and your audience(the folks on your Christmas list)gives you feedback, it's such a rush. It feeds your spirit and it touches a life or two. So mission accomplished again for this year...


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