Sunday, January 22, 2006

Peace In The Valley

Salut, Russ... Just wanted to keep you in the loop. We've got springlike weather in NH...All I have to say is global warming can be a GOOD thing. Yesterday, Bill and I went to see BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. It was a quiet, understated tour-de-force with some of the most amazing western scenery I have ever clapped eyes on. I was surprised to learn that Larry McMurtry collaborated on the screenplay and come to think of it, it makes sense. The grand sweep of the west, the quiet, fragile lives that stretch across it...Intense yearnings, paths not taken...Needless to say, tears were streaming down my face by the end of it. Bill had said, "I may cry"-- but I was the one who was bawling. Highly recommended but it moves at quiet pace. My fears regarding my relationship with Bill have seem to faded. I wrestled with my obssessive thoughts that have seemed to be trademark ever since I can remember. It seems that I was always over-obssessing about one thing or if I couldn't be happy unless I was WORRIED about something, you know? But as I evolve, I'm gradually getting over that. And my association with this loving, caring man is helping me to do that. Reading this book entitled THE END OF FAITH by Sam Harris. He posits that unquestioned religious faith is a dangerous thing for the modern world since each religion claims to be the "ONE TRUE WORD". So how can we respect others if we inherently think LESS of them because of their religious beliefs. Never mind the fact that the world...most notably the United States is headed up by a man that believes in The Rapture and Revelation. Harris also points out that many of the Bible's teachings...(including killing unbelievers) doesn't hold up in the modern world. So modern moderate Christians have decided to cherry-pick the areas that still hold meaning for them and live their lives by it. He makes no bones why he wrote the book. He thinks the human race is endangered by blind, unquestioning belief in these religions...that they should be questioned and held up to the same rational scrutiny as science or medicine...otherwise we're fucked. The job had me thoroughly demoralized this past week. I had one too many e-mails about how the Evil Empire is trying to screw us and I just obssessed on that for awhile as I sorted out the Ambassador's tax paperwork. But sanity and confidence resumed by the end of the day. All it took was a hearty "thank you" and the genuine grateful attitude to go with it. It's pretty telling when you have more job-satisfaction VOLUNTEERING than at your actual JOB. Anwyay, Russ...I hope you're well...Keep in touch, my good friend...GaP


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