Monday, February 27, 2006

Gentlemen...We Have A Problem

Gentlemen, We have a growing epidemic in America. Kids today with their rock music and their alternate covers and their Ultimate universes are missing something in their education: The Silver Age. This recently been brought to my attention due to a lack of respect for the Flash villains and pre-Crisis Supergirl. I ask of you, what do you say to a punk-ass kid who doesn't appreciate a when the Riddler ties Batman & Robin to a giant typewriter? Help me Silver Ages fans, you're my only hope!!! Meg-El If a kid can't recognize the intrinsic value of giant typewriters and legions of super-pets, then it's already too late. Give them the beating they deserve and, as you do, remind them that this only happens in THEIR comics, not Silver Age. Then switch to a bigger bat.


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