Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Coasting Right Along...

Sitting here at the computer, I.M.-ing someone, writing this blog, and writing a letter because my dial-up is relatively slower. I managed to get another phase of the room-painting completed today. If I keep this up, I may actually become a de-facto handyman/homeowner type. Then we'll REALLY know that the world's about to end or something. Heard something today on the Diane Riehm(sp?) show on National Public Radio about the fading art of conversation. (I forget who the guest was but he'd written a book on it...) All of the usual subjects were discussed: The modern trend toward self-absorbed NON-listening and how the internet is helping or hindering our conversation skills. I wish I was more of the casual breeze-shooting, chat-warmly-with-a-stranger type...but I tend to withdraw. Maybe it's my customer-relation job or a cultivated sense of cynicism. But the odds of having a reasonably intelligent, stimulating, heartfelt, passionate conversation are relatively low. What was it that Ghandi said? "Be the change you want to see in the world". (?) All for now...GaP


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