Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Work Attitudes

Hi GaP, I was just going through my photo album here on the computer. Thanks for sending all the pictures! It's fun to see you in Canada, at the Scottish fest and all. Like you, I'm amazed at the frienship that has grown mainly through correspondence. But I'm determined it will not always remain locked in cyberspace. Take care and let me know how you are doing inside all the exterior crap we face. Russ _________________________________________________________________ Hey, Russ... Gotta tell ya...Everything outside the job is going well...Within the job, I just don't give a shit anymore...I phone in my service, ignore extra service requests, and rarely deviate "above and beyond"...because what's the point? "Don't blame the customers," the Kool-Aid drinkers wail. "It's not their fault..." Yeah, well...Steenland's screw-job isn't my fault, I guess shit rolls downhill. Fears that passengers will book away to other airlines? At 200 bucks a ticket overseas? Not likely. Oh, and they'll get duty-free again and I understand snacks are coming back domestically? I can't strike, I have no I'm just going to coast. I won't be rude but I will be an automaton...quick, curt, and my job and go home. I will not be the model employee... I have one day off before two more in a row. I use the plane time to catch up on my reading... Today...a day of running my errands in MY home-town, doing down-to-earth things like record-browsing, drug-store shopping, getting my comics and just walking to accomplish all these with the iPod playing...Ordinary, non-travel shit that requires no schedule. Many thanks for the kind words, my friend...does snail-mail easily reach you? GaP -------------------------------------------------------------------------


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