Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What I Don't NEED To Do...

Just some meandering notes...We live in a world of soundbites, buzzphrases, and mass-produced quips. One of the ones that have emerged that drives me RIGHT up the F--KING wall is when someone tells me that I "NEED" to do something. The phrase has become so pervasive that even I find myself using it without intending to. Another variant of this is when someone says or writes..."You NEED/HAVE to understand..." No. I don't NEED/HAVE to understand shit. What I NEED is for people to stop saying what I or anybody else NEEDS to do/say/think. The only things I NEED to do is...breathe, eat, drink, and get rid of the waste-products thereof. Everything else is subject to personal choice and circumstance. So everyone NEEDS to keep their advice to themselves when it's prefaced by that tired introduction. Not a big fan of air-quotes either. Dumbed-down, poor-man's irony. All for now...Must continue getting the study in order...GaP


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