Monday, May 22, 2006

The Broad Strokes

Just managed to get the comic collection upstairs. Last week's mega-rains caused some soaking down in the cellar which neccesitated some wet-vaccing. Many thanks to my roommate who did the lion's share of the work. He's the handyman who keeps the place running. While the comic collection didn't get touched by the rain, I decided to take my babies out of that dank, damp environment and put them in my bedroom until further notice. On Mother's Day, during the worst of the storm-activity, Bill and I went down to visit his mom and his aunt. A few other family members showed up. If mom and her sister suspected the nature of our relationship, they said nothing. Denial is the way to go... I returned home all stressed from the driving only to get bitchy when the dog was bouncing in my face...In complete self-absorption, I was completely oblivious to the fact that Ray had been bailing out my cellar. Caused a bit of friction between us...but I've been ignoring my responsibilities as a homeowner. He may not be regular with the cash contributions but he's done many repairs for me...making new plumbing pipes for the washing machine downstairs, for example... I had my one year anniversary date with Bill at the same restaurant we set up a meeting at...(Blake's). Then we hit an Irish Pub for a couple pints of cider...A good night... Our day together was yesterday, doing nothing in particular. We shopped at Newbury Comics, went out to eat...It's what you do on a Sunday. Saw THE PRODUCERS on DVD. Amusing but a reminder of why I don't like musicals... Had a good trip overseas this past week. I decided that while morale at work was grey and bleak, I didn't have to make myself miserable...The power of positive intent. Makes a difference when you smile a bit. A bit of sunshine goes a long way, trite as it sounds... During my layover, I saw a movie with a fellow-film/pop-culture afficionado...He wanted to see AUDITION but didn't want to see it alone. A psychological thriller that builds up to a horrific fifteen minute finale involve piano-wire and anti-acupuncture. Will never forget that sawing sound. Yeesh. The morale of the movie? Don't ignore some very obvious(to us, the audience anyway) red-flag warning signs...or you could end up without a foot or two... The rain is over. Say Hallujah... Not going to see THE DA VINCI CODE. Don't care enough to. Book was a page-turner but didn't want to hype-surf...


Anonymous H.A.Page said...

Not sure if I'll see the movie, either, but the Rosslyn Chapel is a pretty good story in stone... I wrote about it on MotherPie in the Da Vinci Code...
Cheers and Happy Anniversary

3:51 PM  
Blogger Bueller said...

Many thanks. And thanks for reading. I was feeling a bit isolated over here.

12:04 PM  

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