Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Coolness Transcends Age...

A groovy new image to start the day. I was down at the gym right when it was supposed to open and no one was there to open it. There was a crowd of us standing outside at 0500. Since it was the Y, there's sometimes someone in residence to open up the place. So enter Old Joe, World War II veteran who parks his car there at THREE A.M. goes on this longass walk. So to get someone's attention, he turns up his stereo and has Elvis belting out SUSPICIOUS MINDS. I doubt the fact that he wears a hearing aid makes any difference...Eventually, he got exasperated and got the hell out of Dodge with his lights off...The place was eventually opened by the usual suspect. She was late because she'd been involved in a fender-bender on her way to work. Read this cool graphic nove...THE FORTY-NINERS. I won't bore you with the plot/s but one of them involves a young man coming out and dealing with his homosexuality in PostWar America. It was handled sensitively and realistically amongst all the other storylines. This was a prequel and the two characters were featured in the regular title(TOP TEN), albeit fifty years later...STILL together. Very heartwarming... And speaking of that, I'm planning an impromptu supper for my significant other tonight. Nothing fancy. Just a pizza, some wine, a melted waxed wine-bottle candle, some romantic music...There's been a minor bit of static between us and I wanted to talk it out...and show him how much he meant to me. I've been insensitive...and I want him to know I'm going to work on changing that. The ageing process...I think of when I firsted started as a flight-attendant...I remember how restless I was, how many times I traveled to Scotland. I was averaging three times a year even after we stopped Glasgow service...(probably the happiest I'd ever been with this job...) Now I look back at that spastic, restless, naive twenty-something and wondered what happened to him? His sense of adventure? The many friends he had across the UK and Europe? Now it all seems like it belongs to another person. I know this is the ageing process. I know perceptions and attitudes change...But I didn't think the wonder would leave THIS soon. Maybe I'm bored with my OWN life? I don't miss the hyperactivity and naivete...So I guess it's a trade-off. STILL, I want to go to Scotland this summer to visit some friends...I don't want to get completely out of the habit... All for now...GaP


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