Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cutting Your Losses...

My flight canceled Friday night...It was an embarrassing lack of coordinated effort on my employer's part We were on the plane for four hours and to be fair, passengers were reasonably calm but they were getting ugly fast. The Captain was inconsistent and not timely with his messages...No one seemed to know exactly what was wrong or what to do. I could understand why passengers were getting pissed off. When someone FINALLY made a decision and canceled tht flight, I chose the "pay-for-fly"...cutting my losses and sitting out the rest of the days of the trip. To get PAID, I'd have to sit by my phone and wait for them to assign me something else... I didn't get paid dime one for waiting around through someone else's ineptitude. At least passengers got put up for the night...TWO for some of them...and you KNOW that my employer would rather DIE than fork out money like that...So I took the Silver Line out to South Station and ended up spending the remainder of the night there until my bus for Manchester left at 0800. STILL better than working bleary-eyed on a full airplane trying to explain to passengers for the millionth time that I DON'T have access to connecting-gate/rebooking information. Better to have an unpaid weekend off... Customer service is cruel and unusual punishment...


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