Monday, April 03, 2006

Back Home Again

My nine-day, triple-whammy Amsterdam extravaganza is done with. Freedom for a few days. I have a two-day Fort Myers trip on Wednesday that I was trying to ditch but so far, no dice. When I return from that, I plan on doing a flying visit to Marston, Quebec to visit my dad and to see my uncle's sugar-shack before it gets too late into the spring. I'll be heading up with Bill. I'll pass him off as my "good buddy". I'm sure my dad knows deep down but I'm just going to play it casual. We're only going to be up there for about twenty-four hours anyway... Yesterday, Bill and I went over to Portsmouth...visited BULLMOOSE RECORDS...a kickass independent record store. I spent FAR more money than I should have...Here are the purchases... Went over to BULLMOOSE RECORDS yesterday in Portstmouth with Bill. My purchases... ONE KISS LEADS TO ANOTHER---GIRL GROUP SOUNDS--4 DISC box set A Pete Seeger Album that I didn't already have... A bunch of discs from RICHARD CHEESE. He does lounge covers of really hard risque modern rock songs. Radiohead's CREEP, Nirvana's RAPE, Disturbed's DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS--It was featured in the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD. YELLO--THE EYE Their latest album used. Came with an extra disc or remixes. Bill bought a QUEEN tribute album...Electronica versus Metal--TIE YOUR MIX DOWN. He also bought two bluegrass albums, a FLOCK OF SEAGULLS greatest hits package. (Timeless and dated at the same time...) Naturally, I loaded all of it into his iTunes software program...I've begun doing the same thing with MINE. Listening to Girl Group Box Set now. A unique, magical sound...captures the ache of teenage girl melodrama. Great harmonies, fantastic hooks. Worth every penny... Stay attuned...GaP


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