Thursday, March 23, 2006

Betting Against Myself...

Well, it looks like all of the goals I've set for myself during the week have been met. One would think that I'm actually showing some iniative, drive, and responsibility. I assisted my Attorney/Ambassador friend today in getting caught up on his side-work. He's an immigration lawyer, BIG-time Democrat, Diplomatic Activist and all-around eccentric character. He seems like a bow-tied, country-lawyer but don't be fooled. He has a brain like a steel trap and is MOST eccentric. Which is why I volunteer my time to him. That and it allows me a look into a world that I normally wouldn't be privy to. Political rally dinners, a press-conference for a former presidential candidate, being a part of some peace delegations he hosts from time to time. Plus, he's an employer who doesn't pay me whoAPPRECIATES my work versus an ACTUAL employer looking to cut my pay, benefits, and self-esteem with the message that I have to LIKE it. God Bless The Corporate States of America. Anwyay, I finished the painting job today. This means I can actually accomplish things with some motivation. I won the bet with myself... A very dear friend today showed me an episode of COLD CASE. I won't bore you with the plot details but it involved an innocent Pollyanna of a white girl being courted by a black/African American juke-joint juvenile deliquent girl. It took place in the era of Prohibition so the idea of a bi-racial, lesbian relationship would have spun some heads. But it was a beautiful, heartfelt, albeit tragic story. It had me misting up at the end...Carolyn came over to hug me. It was such a potent depiction of love and happiness, transcending race, sexuality, and even time. Beautiful. The world needs more love. And I mean REAL love. Not the placebo/snake-oil pap that Hollywood and mass-produced romance novels try to sell us... All for now...GaP


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