Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Catch-Up Time...

Lot To Catch Up On... A lot to catch up on...I live a slow life...so how can I get behind on my journal/blogging? Just letting it pile up, I suppose... Taking it back for a week...I've been walking the dog. That may sound boring but I'm getting to know the little critter...(little! He's a Yellow Lab. He's a small horse...)and getting some degree of exercise. It teaches you responsibility and caring for another being. And now that my roommate is gone for a couple days, I have full responsibility to him. Feeding, walking, and keeping him company...which I'm not really doing as I sit here at the computer... I've been spending less and less time at home and more and more time with Bill. It's almost like we're living together. I have to say I'm glad for the day I have here to just be in my own space...I gave him some moral support last week when work was sucking... And Saturday, we went up to Quebec together...We left at about 0815 or so and did the five-and-a-half hour journey up 93 North...Cross the Canadian border, take a right at La Patrie, head over to Woburn, take a left there, head on through Piopolis and eventually onto Marston. We checked into the hotel and made contact with my dad. (Wow. Just receive three actual letters. Not e-mails. Actual LETTERS! The written form of communication lives ON...) My dad agreed to take us over to my uncle's sugar cabin that's right off a gravel road. He wasn't boiling...It was too cold. I missed the busy period over the past month. That's usually when my uncle is scurrying around feeding the massive wood-furnace, checking water-levels, twiddling knobs...It's a worker. Although I didn't get to see the process, I got to see the next best thing...My dad, Bill, Uncle Bert, and I just sat down, shot the breeze, drank some beer, and took some pictures...and my uncle was kind enough to bequeath us with a couple cans of the syrup. When we got back to my dad's shack, Bill and my dad sat down and shot the breeze. They seemed to hit it off rather nicely. My dad exercised his gifts as a raconteur as we hung out. If my dad suspected Bill's sexuality and our own relationship with each other, he gave no sign. Bill got a full dose of my dad's co-dependent Yellow Labrador TUBBY and the Lu, the Malamut. I have to say that I enjoyed the ride back but I was traveled out. Monday was a chillout/hangout day. Bill called in sick for work. He wanted to do get some errands done...fun stuff like staining the deck, getting a haircut, staining the deck...He also had a jones for doing some "fag-shopping", as he put it. That meant a trip to the Christmas Tree shop to shop for home-accessories. He's always like a kid in a candy-shop when he does this. He's house-proud and loves to interior-decorate... Monday was the day he put the chairs out on the deck for the first time since last year. We sat there, drank, and listened to his iPod. Spring had officially begun. I go back to work on Friday. With the time left, I should reconnect with local friends. I haven't seen little Josiah for Christ knows how long...Not to mention The Tara, Starchild, Jason...I worked for George last week. And I really should go visit my sister. She's prone to manic depression like my mother and I. All for now...GaP


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