Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Capitalist Assimilation

A pilot friend of mine sent an e-mail to the Orange County News...The gist goes like this... "...It is not that Orange County is some prestine, untouched wilderness. There is only one small patch of land in the county that hasn't been worked by man. That patch is a bit of old growth forest on Montpelier. Today's question is one of growth and development. Even limited growth eventually fills up the land. I lived in the county for thirty years and then moved away. Today, having since experienced the effects of sprawl on my soul, I would make different choices about building two houses on undeveloped land in Orange County." This was my response-------> Russ... Excellent letter. But we all know what the ultimate outcome will BE, don't we? Or rather, I should say, we know which outcome will be most likely. I'm beginning to think capitalism itself is an advanced virus that will not REST until it sucks everything dry and moves on to wider vistas. That's why the promise of going out into space has me shrugging my shoulders. So f--king what? We're just going to export our bullshit up THERE. Before industrialization and money, we had power-hungry individuals, yes. A lust for land, people to rule, and resources aren't really NEW...but industrialization and the concept of money have given us ways to measure and commodify our so-called "worth", our prestige and power index. Again, maybe this concrete consumption is supposed to happen. It's like an overwhelming avalanche from Mount Everest and all of the conservation efforts in the offing is like putting a snow-blower in front of the roaring tons of snow and ice. What, do we actually expect humanity to somehow wake up, become enlightened in a joyous New Age rapture, and start hugging trees? Going back to the land? Good luck. So bring it ON. Let's top out. Apparently, this is what we REALLY want...Especially in the good ol' U.S. of A. Let the assimilation continue. Speaking of THAT, I just slurped up three more episodes of the STAR TREK FAN COLLECTIVE BORG Box Set. That's an apt metaphor, isn't it? Cold assimilation and conformity or vibrant individuality? Depends which one is more lucrative, I suppose... I received the book today. Many thanks... You are a man of passion and conviction, Captain. I'm proud to call you a friend...GaP


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