Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dream, Dream, Dream...

Maybe I AM becoming more like my dad. I'm getting increasingly anti-social. I got up early to hit the gym today and once I took the dog out for the walk, that notion went out the window. just want to return to bed...and why not? Call me lazy... And speaking of bed, I've had the latest in a series of recent dreams that I'm GLAD to wake up from. I wouldn't say that they're nightmares...but they DO depict situations and modes of existence that are fairly undesirable and awkward. I think deep down they might represent my fears of relationships, of love...But my feelings for Bill are clear. But they are confused sometimes...Obviously, deprogramming myself will be a life's work...(sigh...) My roommate is gone on a quick trip to Florida to scout a small retirement home(shack) for himself. I LIKE the time on my own... Everything in moderation? All for now...GaP


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