Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fourth-Dimensional Rat Maze

I wasn't in a particularly despondent mood when this thought/idea/concept came into my head today. I was going for a long-overdue jog and then this question hit me...What if Life is nothing but a Fourth-Dimensional Rat Maze? No maps to guide you, wrong turns and choices that lead you down into dead-end situations, jobs, relationships...Every positive turn of fate or providence is the metaphorical piece of cheese designed to keep you going, to keep searching for what YOU believe might be the truth, the ideal way to live your life. Picture endless corridors playing scenes of your life like hi-definition big-screen television. You cobble together a map with the music you listen to, with the books that you read, with teachers and mentors that you admire, with the films, plays, and television shows that you watch...And sometimes it even makes sense... And you know the maze has an exit...but what under which circumstances will you find your way out? Will you die peacefully in the arms of your lover at peace with your family, with your affairs in order, and with the approval of whatever deity you've chosen to worship? Or will you die a slow lingering death as some disease eats away at you? Or some bullet or truck careens into you? Will you have grown? Will you have learned something from your twisting, turning journey through the Life Labyrinth? Well, there's no knowing for sure, is there? Because unlike the mazes you've seen in activity books, THIS maze can't be seen from a bird's eye view. Wrong turns are plentiful, hindsight is crystal clear twenty/twenty vision. Everyone else navigating through thinks THEIR route is best...and you can learn from them...but this maze is your OWN. A fascinating yet disconcerting concept... Enter Here--->


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