Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jesus, What A Dream

Had this sprawling, intense dream. I dreamt I had this bohemian friend. I'd known them for a while. I remember that I wanted to get to the Mall on my day off to hang out and do some useless shopping. I went over to my friend's house and her father did NOTHING but berate and insult me for my lack of responsibility and drive. He cut up some jeans of mine...turned them into really ill-fitting cutoffs. Then he wanted to foist off this hand-held business-card creation machine at me but only because there was something wrong with it. Felt hot to the touch... Anwyay, I decided to dress up in my pseudo-Eighties clothing. I kept screwing around, lollygagging...couldn't quite seem to get out of the house...Asshole dad went to work. Then I screwed around on the internet and said hello to my bohemian friend on MySpace. (The friend is loosely based on ASH.) Eventually the friend comes home from school with some other friends. And the rest of the family members...The mother is beautiful, warm, loved hugs...She seemed to genuinely love and appreciate everyone she met. Some of my friend's FRIENDS started showing up to hang out. They were all making fun of the old man's bluster. It struck me that the dad was miserable, trapped by his success, working himself into an early grave, and all stressed out and taking it out on the world. Or whatever target was at hand. The father returned, in work clothes. He was sweaty and filthy. He proffered his and a token apology. It was half-hearted and I got the impression that I'd be on the receiving end again when his mood shifted... Eventually, the family goes out on an outing...like they're going out to Sunday Church or something. They had a baby too...(Looked like the little cherub from A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, the movie with Jim Carrey) I took that as my cue to leave...So I'm not sure that I want to visit the Mall now. It's about one p.m. A co-worker of mine, the lovable but shrill-voiced Jillie tells me to get my ass to the mall because it's what I wanted to do in the first place. We're driving through the city... The bus-driver was a gent named DON...in reality he works for CONCORD TRAILWAYS. So as we're driving through the city, the passenger in the first seat and I decide to help clean up the bus...I come up with a greasy stripped engine from God knows where...I find a home for it on the dashboard. I think I had to discard most of the trash at a nearby trash receptacle in the city...And there was more than one CT bus so I had LOOK for Don. I could tell I was straining his patience... And that was it. What a dream-blender...GaP


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