Sunday, May 28, 2006

Response To "Fourth-Dimensional Rat-Maze"

Here's a response a friend sent to me regarding my "rat-maze" life-comparison...GaP____________________ Cher ami, Was just re-reading your postal card depicting Hotel Carpenter. Your observations were profound in as much as they were deep statements from your inner being. I would agree that the notion that our existence is no more than "a 4th dimensional rat-maze designed to propel us - or trap us" through existence. Then you mention a life maze in which our lives are played out on walls leading to dead-ends or plateaus. Fact and fiction interplay in those meanderings, it seems. The questions coming from deep within are age-old: who am I...why am I....where am I....what am I....where am I going... I have a rather simplistic outlook on these same matters that I'd like to share with you, dear one. First, I know that I am unique - as you are unique. I know that I am not a random creation, but the product of the will of a transcendent Being that has called me into created reality....if that is true then I have a purpose. That purpose to justify my unique creation I must seek out...and when I have found that purpose for my ontological being...then it is in carring out the purpose of my life that I find fulfillment in the created order of things which will eventually lead me to where I am going...back to the totality found in that non-created Transcendent Being that brought me life in the first place. And to top it all - I was given the gift of the ability to love...and what a gift. But the fulfillment of that gift can only be found in the Giver of the Gift, though in life we find some few upon whom and with whom and from whom we share the gift, though in comparatively small measure. You analogy of the maze is quite within reason. However, I look at life as a crazy-quilt. We see only the underside of the quilt...with all the threads hanging, and no apparrent pattern. An underside of a quilt that brings shadows and darkness at times. However....there is the upside of the quilt with a beautifully sewn pattern, all in order and pleasing to the eye....comforting...and brilliant. Life revealed - eventually. Wishing you sunshine as you celebrate the anniversary of love in your life. Did you know that we, too, are celebrating an anniversary? It was one year ago this month on the return flight from AMS that the gift of friendship was given us. I value that gift and I hold your dearly in my thoughts. Thanks for the e-mails and the snail-mails. They are meaningful sharings of thought, heart and soul. Friends help us to understand, to love, and to move forward to the Giver of the Gift. A bientot, mon cher ami, Charles-Raymond


Blogger PipeTobacco said...


I just wanted to say I hope that you will post again soon.

I also wanted to let you know I have made a very important statement about changes to my blog on my blog. I hope that you be willing to read it here at . I hope to have you enjoy my writings again.

Thank you!


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Blogger Bueller said...

Hello, Pipe...

I'm back. The business of living kept me a bit too busy to sit down and flesh out my thoughts for a blog. Hope you enjoy my music review with the latest blog. By the way...What music do you favor?

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