Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Got to hang out with a good friend last night. Very sexually-open lady, very descriptive and liberated in that sense. She's always a blast to have over...usually I start to wilt after 2200 or so but it was so good to see her, I could have talked for at least a couple more hours. But she had to work and I had to get to the gym the next morning. She's a very sexually active lady. She's had couplings/relationship dynamics that a scriptwriter couldn't dream up. I don't know how she does it. That's some intense shit. It's taken me a year just to get used to the idea of ONE person in my life...and all the fears and insecurities thereof... Just took the dog for a nice, long, exhausting walk. I love it when the big doofus is at a slow trot when we're coming up the driveway. As I walk him on the leash, I'm conscious of this constant contest of wills that takes place...Or rather, it's more of a case of human agenda versus canine agenda. He wants to sniff every bush, piss on every pole, basically just be everywhere at once...and here I am trying to be patient. I asked for this when I told Ray he could adopt a dog. I think Buddy has changed our life for the better...but there's no kidding ourselves. It IS a challenge and a responsibility. And a dog's personality really infiltrates your life, you know? For better for worse...and he IS a two-person animal. Still more of a cat-person but one still has to allow for change in one's life...And I HAVE a cat in my life: Bill's NOURIE. ...I knew it was going to happen eventually: I'm quickly coming up on 38(two years shy of forty)and I'm already starting to feel changes in my body that I'm not DIGGIN'. Metabolism is slowing down and the torso is slowly heading south, distorting the size of trousers that I usually take. Regular, vigorous bouts of exercise are required to keep the furnace(and the calories) burning. Yep. Ageing sure is KEWL. All for now...GaP


Blogger PipeTobacco said...


Thank you for your messages to me recently. They have been appreciated.

I have been meaning to tell you for several weeks now how I like the new look for your site. It is a very attractive look.

Now down to your post of today, it is interesting to read in so many places and from so many people the idea that they are "cat" or "dog" people. It is indeed a very common orientation. I am not sure if it is because of my being a biologist, but I have always been a both "cat & dog" person. Only very, very brief times where I did not have both pet types... and never at least one type.

Thinking more, it is unlikely because I am a biologist, for we had both pet types (and more) during my formative years as a young boy.


11:02 AM  
Blogger Bueller said...

Many thanks, professor. If we are not here to offer hope and encouragement to our fellow humans from time to time, then life would surely be an empty exercise.
My siginificant other has a cat whom I adore...He's almost human.

11:13 AM  

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