Friday, August 11, 2006


I’m sure you’ve heard the news of the foiled terrorist plot that originated out of Heathrow Airport yesterday morning. My roommate tried to warn me not to pay attention to the news but the concept and the big picture has finally sunk in. When I was at the gym this morning, most people discreetly avoided me, knowing my profession as a flight attendant…or glorified waiter, as the flying public seems to perceive me…or overpaid vending machines as our beloved CEO D.S. has allegedly dubbed us, even though he claims he didn’t. The point is moot considering the draconian paycuts I’m being asked to take while upper management rakes in the millions for the bang-up job of mismanaging the airline into bankruptcy. But I digress… So let’s see…I have an employer who wants to clusterfuck me with pay reductions and stringent work-conditions. And now I have to keep an eye out for terrorists with liquids and some kind of iniator…like cellphones, MP3 players, or what the hell…a camera with a flash-function…And I love when travelers are freshly interviewed after an event like this…The quotes usually go something like…”I know the delays are a hassle but it’s worth it to be safe.” Suuuure, it is. Let’s talk to these people in a month when they’re bitching at the security check-points about not being able to bring their hair-gel nor their bottles of water. It’s worth it to be safe, kids. Thing is, I’m glad the Brits seem to be more on top of this. We’re not safe. We never HAVE been. I’m very grateful for the inspectors, police detectives, and whoever else worked to prevent this tragedy from happening. Yet, in a way, the terrorists have already won, regardless. They’ve spread FEAR. They’ve slowed us down; they’ve given us the hassle-factor. It bloodies the nose of the true God that our culture truly worships and reveres: the wallet. You slow the money-flow and you do some REAL damage. You mess with the creature-conveniences of the Western world…you show the infidels with their bloated sense of entitlement some fear and frustration…and you’re in business. Nope. I don’t think I like this new century very much. GaP


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