Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas With A Certain Airline

_____ in Crisis Mode AGAIN Sent to FA's in SFO (IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR THE HOLIDAYS) IMPORTANT NOTE: The Solidarity Page is growing big - let me know if you want your name included. Hi SFO,(San Francisco) ____ is in scheduling crisis mode, AGAIN. There have been many reports of Flight attendants having extra flights and/or extra days of flying tacked onto their trips. There have been flights returning to a base being greeted by a FA Manager with a schedule holder being handed a pattern for the following day. There are reserves being flown into their Planned Days Off and Guaranteed Days Off. It is not pretty. SFO is officially out of reserves. We realize that it is stressful and we are angry as well. If you call in sick, regardless of how many sick calls you have and regardless of whether you have a "pattern" of sick calls over past holiday seasons, you will most likely be ordered to produce a doctor's note. The MEC is already filing a grievance and we will be looking at individual cases as well. We realize that this doesn't help now. Association of Flight Attendants does not condone or support any FA calling in sick if they are not actually sick. Any type of "sick out" is illegal and anyone found encouraging sick calls will most likely face termination. If you are given a trip that you believe is illegal or violates the Terms and Conditions of Employment (TCE) be sure to ask for a review of crew orders. Be calm and remember you are on a taped line. A trip refusal will most likely end up with you being withheld from service pending a Q and A. There is a Scheduling Hotline with FA volunteers from the MEC/LEC as well as many MEC Committee Chairs and the Scheduling Task Force. They are there to review the TCE language and duty day limitations. The hotline number is 1-_______________. Kate and I will be checking voicemail throughout the weekend and on Christmas and returning calls as soon as possible. REMEMBER to BE CAREFUL WHEN ANSWERING YOUR PHONE. There have been unconfirmed reports that when Scheduling has called people recently, the caller i.d. did not reflect a ___ area code. ALSO, if you log into ACCESS and there is a 'NOTIFY' on your line, you are obligated to take that trip. If you still have the white book (TCE) carry it with you. You can also access it at _______________________________________ Despite the circumstances, Kate and I wish you a happy and safe holiday season. Tom and Kate


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had two legs for my flight from Seattle to West Palm Beach. It was nice that on the first leg the Pilot said, "Flight Attendants are here for your safety and should be treated with respect." (translation: they are not servants that just dole out beverages people.) Here, here!!!

I don't like to fly, but I do like the opportunity to meet new people.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Bueller said...

Trust me, Proxima...I don't like flying anymore either. The whole experience is a pain in the ass...for passengers, for staff, for everyone...except maybe Al Quaeda...Wonder if there's a medical plan with their vaunted promises of being in heaven with a handful of virgins? Maybe I'd be treated better with THAT organization...GaP

3:33 PM  

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