Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Religion Is Stupid II

See here's the thing...If money, time, and manpower hadn't been a consideration, as the SEA-TAC airport manager, I would have put up a menorah along with the Christmas trees(which by the way, are not Christian symbols but are of pagan origin). I would have also put up the crescent moon and star for Ramadan, and I would have looked up the accountrements for Diwali and Kwanzaa as well and would have added THEM to the whole sideshow. Oh, and a pentagram for Wiccans as well...there's enough of them around... Basically that would have been my not-so-subtle message that all but screamed: HAPPY FUCKING HOLIDAYS! EVERYONE HAPPY NOW? ANYBODY ELSE WANT TO TRY A LAWSUIT? I'm sorry, but controversies like this make me laugh. Whether public representations of everyone's faith-based fairy-tale fetishes should be displayed and the fact that court-time is actually devoted to this shit. It would be like arguing about whether Captain Kirk could outgun Picard...or something equally as inane. Now before you think me some godless heretic, let me make one thing VERY clear...I'm not exactly sure what my beliefs are, whether Jesus was actually the Messiah, whether Mohammed actually existed, or if there's even a God up there. All I know is that I don't get worked up about the ridiculous seperation of church and state hysteria that surrounds these stories. The ACLU, who just may be every right-winger's nightmare, had NOTHING to do with this. That's the thing to remember. But I digress... Fact is, I'm ALL about the seperation of church and state...but I LIKE Christmas. I like the idea of Christmas. Or whatever you want to call it. It speaks to a human need to TRY and extend a bit of warmth and generosity out into the world, to TRY and be a better person in general rather just another selfish, mindless cog in the commercial, materially-obssessed military-industrial complex we call SOCIETY. The season encourages us to LOVE a bit more, drop the cynicism a bit, open UP a little...renew acquaintances with friends and family. (It SURE as hell doesn't include ripping your hair out in a shopping mall trying to fill someone's gift-list...) THAT's what the quote-unquote Holidays are supposed to be about. Not this MY-belief-is-better-than-YOUR-belief crap. So Merry Christmas. Or whatever. Forget the lawsuits, sink some eggnog. Shalom. GaP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Bueller!

Thanks for coming over to the Rcho tree the other day. I actually come visit you quite regularly. As for seatac, well, Western Washington is notorious in the Pacific Northwest for being passive-agressive and meladramatic.

I met Jesus once, in a dream, my dreams are like other people's, I can see, taste, touch and feel although not all at the same time, one sense is dominate.

We were standing on the mound after his big speech. I could see the individual whiskers in his beard and smell the dirt and feel a gentle wind. He said he was no more or less the son of god anymore then the rest of us were. So what makes you different I asked him. He said that he was just a really good public speaker and people believed his message because he was sincere.
Then I came back and entered "normal" dream state.

I think each religion holds pieces to a really large puzzle that we have yet to understand.

1:43 AM  
Blogger Bueller said...

Amen to that...the problem is when people take their pieces and proclaim them the key to EVERYONE'S existence...GaP

7:54 AM  

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