Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rants, Theories, Etc...

Enjoying my one day off...the last few days have, like, SUCKED. I thought for sure that I was going to get dumped by my significant other...I had conflicting feelings...Relief, pity, sadness, yearning. They say that the course of true love never DID run smooth...Turned out to be a gigantic misunderstanding. The poor guy has SUCH a low self-esteem. Come to think of it, I must too...because when something goes on, we tend to blame ourselves rather than the other... Had a weird crowd coming back from AMSterdam yesterday afternoon. A light passenger load but everyone was bitchy...but then again, so was I...No patience for the usual learning curves that passengers undergo...I've decided that customer service is a special kind of Purgatory. The whole Customer-Is-King attitude seems to entitle people to treat their servers like shit...or cause them to show indignation when we point out their unreasonable behavior...To wit...the very large, prolific family yesterday. Their kids were hitting the call light every five minutes and when I suggested that they visit the back galley for their drinks, I got read the riot act by an indignant mother of, what? five children? SIX? Passengers are pissy because security confiscates their liquids at the gate...(Thank you, Al-Quadea) and somehow, we(the airline staff) get the blame... Anyway, this family falls into the category I like to call The Messiah Complex. The parents have pushed out a brood and the whole world and its inhabitants have to bend over backward to accomodate their needs...because their children are the Chosen Ones. In this day and age of diminishing resources, global warming, and the threat of overpopulation, do parents really NEED to have three, four children or MORE? I could live that(barely) if the parents didn't generate this indignant sense of entitlement. Reproducing doesn't require any great skill...Christ, cockroaches do it. We humans seem to think that the whole process is far more grandiose and MEANINGFUL just because we're the top of the food chain. Mother Nature is probably going to show us otherwise as this century progresses... I'm surprised the matriarch with the child-rearing hips didn't somehow produce another child before they reached the Immigration Hall. Tie the tubes, MOM! And on THAT misanthropic note...I'm gone. GaP


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