Thursday, October 19, 2006

Meandering Thoughts--Sign O' The Times

Some things going through my head... Senator Tom Foley naming the priest who allegedly interfered with him when he was an altar boy. Unbelievable...the guy was caught sending e-mails and instant messages to young male pages...So what does he do? Does he come clean? Face the music like a man? No, of course not. He scurries away to rehab and has his press junket declare his alcoholism. And when that fails to elicit the appropriate amount of sympathy we learn that he's(GASP!)a GAY MAN! (The Scandal!) Now we have him naming the priest who supposedly molested him when he was an altar boy. More diversionary tactics and damage control. So this is supposed to excuse him, apparently... In my hometown...actually, my home-city, we get a taste of New York and L.A. Last week, a policeman was shot down...The memorial service will be held this Saturday. I understand this is the first cop-murder in anyone's memory. Looks like the population-migration from the southern neighboring state is importing its special brand of cosmopolitan underworld gangsta chic. The perpetrator is being extradited back to the state(from said neighboring state) where he'll be facing the death penalty. And if his victim's colleague buddies gets his hands on him in the incarceration process, I would speculate that there'll be some brutality involved. I understand that the police fraternity is pretty loyal... Welcome to the 21st Century...GaP


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