Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Old Sacramento

Salut, Doc... I actually eked out some enjoyment from my previous trip...On my Sacramento, CA layover, I went out and did some exploring...I checked out Old Sacramento which has retained its Gold Rush-era architecture. I stepped into the Wells Fargo Museum and was greeted with the sight of a replica of the Concord Stagecoach...which carted all of its cash and gold all over the frontier-territories. The coach itself was made 20 miles from my hometown. I felt a rush of pride and connection that I lived so close to a contributor of history, interwoven with a name that is synonomous with the Old West. I also made it a point to visit the Pony Express Statue. I was surprised to learn that the Express only lasted for a year and half or so...On 10 April, 1860, 0245, the first rider raced off from the Sacramento town limits in the pouring rain...carrying the first bags of mail along the relay line that eventually led to...(I want to say)Missouri. I forget the town. On 21 October 1861 the Transamerican Telegraph Company was established...and the Pony Express closed two days later...but the Pony Express did much to open the communication out to the frontier... See? My job can be educational...GaP


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