Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Like It Actually Matters...

Just voted about three hours ago. I was looking forward to doing so but deep in my heart, I really DO wonder if it really DOES make any difference. You'd think that one person, one vote would make sense...but instead we get the electoral college. Can anyone explain to me why that makes more sense? Here's hoping that we halt The United States' downward spiral in terms of world-perception. We are the biggest assholes on the international stage right now... As autumn goes on, I realize that I'm slowly withdrawing from life. I'm not the most social of creatures but since dating Bill, I've noticed that I'm slowly, almost imperceptibly withdrawing from friendships, hobbies, usual habits...(like comics, for example...I'm about a month behind. There's the lack-of-cash-factor as well...and I feel as if I'm losing the passion. I remember back in my twenties when I LOVED traveling to Scotland, had some somewhat hyperactive vim and vigor about life in general...Now I'm just settling into being a homebody-recluse. The thought of traveling on a plane...hell, traveling ANYWHERE just fills me with dread. Not blaming my boyfriend for this...actually I love him because he likes to stay in, watch movies, listen to music, among other things...but I AM changing...withdrawing. I should be concerned but I'm not.Is this AGEING? I remember when all dreams seemed possible. Now everything seems like fading potential. Not being sure of what I want to do or how hard I want to work to achieve whatever goal I decide to aim for...the ship is leaving port if it isn't already LONG GONE... Yep. These are autumn thoughts...GaP


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