Monday, October 23, 2006

Wayfaring Stranger

Got myself a little heads up from my union rep regarding my recent work-attitude. Mare sold it to me like this: "Ga--...Anger is understandable...but don't make extra work for your colleagues by causing them to put out fires that you start..." Or words to that effect...If I were to ditch this gig, what would I DO? THAT, my friends, is the sixty-Euro question... I went down to Boston(Somerville) to a friend's Halloween party and I got myself lost after getting off the bus. I did a mile-and-a-half-loop in pouring rain around Tufts University...Suddenly, I remembered exactly WHY I didn't like to travel anymore...That aimless, wandering, stuck-out-in-the-cold feeling...everyone's snug in their HOMES and here you are, DRIFTING, G--! Felt that way so many times when I was backpacking overseas. So lost and alone...a STRANGER wandering past unfamiliar streets... Party was fun, though...My friend Liam seems to know many people while I'm becoming more reclusive...and no longer really care if I am... On the bus back to Manchester, I arrived right at the time a funeral/memorial service was letting out for fallen Police Officer Michael Briggs...Policemen were dressed in their finest regalia to honor him...they streamed out of the newly constructed baseball stadium where the service took place. Streams of blue and gold-clad law enforcement folk followed by their families...And there were officers from out of town as well. I saw police-motorcycles from Waltham, MA and Lincoln, NH. Fellow cops from all over the country traveled to pay their respects. Such loyalty and respect touched me. It was a poignant realization that humans have warmth and honor within them that is worth celebrating...and it gave me hope for us humans... GaP


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