Thursday, October 19, 2006

Too Much Time On My Hands?

My second consecutive day off...When you have a ton of time suddenly on your hands, all of the things you should be doing, get delayed and fussed over...until you rush around to multitask them...and they end up being completed half-assed...With my roommate over in England and the dog in the kennel, suddenly there was a lack of structure...Absolute piles of time to be indecisive in...I futzed around upstairs in what will someday become my reading room, I lit candles to kill some of the dog-odor, blew them out, re-lit them...I imported music into my hard-drive, re-filed the music in my external drive...All of it very exciting stuff... Working out at the gym, I was able to reconnect with some friends and maybe start another friendship. I spoke with a gent named Patrick, originally from Brisbane, Australia...and man, he's got the accent to prove it...The Y isn't just a place to's a social networker... I've got a union rep who's being relentlessly trying to contact me by phone...I have no cell so I'm I in trouble at work again? I have to admit...the way I dodge phone calls and the way I'm letting my friendships drift, I AM becoming more my dad. Human interaction...running around to socialize...even my comics are becoming a hassle. (GASP!) Human nature, I guess...some things change...other things never do...Some people have glamorous lives, others would rather just hide in the solitude. It was weird but not unpleasurable having the house to myself for a change. All for now...GaP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Gap!

I saw a comment you posted on the Frumpy Professor, sounded In fact looking at your blog, if I spit on a mirror you might have to wipe some spray off of your face! Ew gross, I know, I just couldn't think of a better analogy. Take Care!

1:20 AM  

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