Monday, December 18, 2006

Man, You Are A Writer

Received this in an e-mail this morning... Hi G--, Thanks for your card and interesting blog link Man you are an writer ! nice to read some parts of your life and see some pictures... Writing has always been a passion of mine...but in the form of letters...or sporadic journaling. I've written the rough draft to a nove about ten years ago and I can TELL you, it is WORK. But when the words and plots flow, it's all worth it. If writing were pure, without the crushing grind of query letters, agent-representation, continual rewrites, and editing, then I would be more interested and passionate about it. But WHY shouldn't I write? I guess I would need some kind of structure and passion...the same kind that letter-writing offers. I see great stories in shows like LOST, DEADWOOD...and they make it look EASY. I know these are shows and situations created by committee...but damn, they spin a TALE... Came across a writer called Natalie Goldberg, author of WRITING DOWN THE BONES and she is the closest I've come to writing SOMETHING on a regular basis... So Maybe if I write, the path will be revealed to me? GaP


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