Friday, January 05, 2007

A Work Decision

George... Good to hear from you. I'm in AMS as I write this. Once I get to a crew computer, I'll be trading away any of these trips I have for my vacation in January. They finally wore me down, George. With the addition of duty-free and the pain-in-the-ass, high maintenance of Euro-passengers has finally burned me out. I am SO finished with this nightmare of a trip...time to do domestic. See you soon...GaP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GaP, I had the nicest flight attendants on Air China in both directions. Pleasant, helpful, accommodating. They made the trips easier, and I thanked them. Must have caught them on good days. I understand your frustrations. Earning a living sometimes takes a lot out of us. It is not all perfect, but it is necessary. It is also important to make the most of all opportunities. I met a cab driver at JFK from Sri Lanka yesterday who is so grateful to be in the US despite his hardships and the absence of his family for 15 years while he waited for them to immigrate under the US system. The are now in the US finally. Last month he met a man in his cab to whom he was helpful. He told the man is life story, and his hardships. On the man's next rip to the US from the UK, the man asked to meet him. He gave him a ck for $7000 to buy his own used limo. It was the cab driver's dream come true and all because he was nice to someone. So, good things happen. You never know the impact you can have on someone else at times. What is the lesson: I guess it is to try to do your job well because other people depend on you. I depend on you at times. The other lesson is to make the most out of every situation. To learn, to advance, to grow. Take a break from AMS for a while to get recharged, then try it again. Visit the museums, go to The Hague and watch a human rights be argued, take a boat ride on the canals, take some language lessons. Don't let other's interfere with your good karma. You have it you know. Maybe I am going to far, but just wanted to share some thoughts. Hope you have a great Christmas. Tell me your plans for the holidays. I will look for you. George


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