Friday, January 19, 2007

Homage To La France!

Salut, Charles... I'm laid up with a cold and I'm a "kept man" in Bill's house. I'm just keeping warm in his house while he goes to work. I feed the woodstove, take care of his cat, drink liquids, read, listen to music, and watch movies. The closest to Paradise that I could ever envision...He really is a sweetheart... It's better here because I don't have to deal with walking the dog. Cats are WAY easier to look after... I imagine you must be looking forward to visiting the land of your ancestors. France may be seen to be living in a dreamworld with it's affectations of social justice and equality...and the French's complete refusal to abandon their easygoing way of life..but I say GOOD FOR THEM! They realize that to be human means having some downtime and that not EVERYTHING is related to money...Unlike this Economic Concentration Camp known as The United States...The same culture that demanded that I take a 40 percent paycut so that upper management to keep their salaries and keep their cash-cow airline afloat...(Bitter? Moi?) Anwyay, winter is halfway over...we got off light with the first the rest should be tolerable... Visiting mon pere on Monday if the weather cooperates...Wheeeee! More travel. But I look forward to spending time in the blazing warmth of his shack, watching westerns on the LONE STAR Channel, and hearing tales of his youth... Hope all is well with you, mon ami...A la prochaine...GaP


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