Monday, January 15, 2007

In The Bleak Midwinter

1710...and it looks like midnight. It's the perfect example of mid-winter bleakness...Grey skies, perpetual dusk, and freezing rain have coated everything in a cold, crusty glaze of ice...I guess I should feel lucky that I have power. I remember this crippling ice-storm about ten years ago across New England and Canada that actually made world-headlines with the power-outages and damage done to trees and property. I was on a layover in India and their STAR TV had a piece on it... Had a bash at trying to organize the piles of books in what is to become my study some century or another. I came across the books on Britain and Scotland that I purchased when I was flying over there back about fifteen years ago. Remembering past journeys and past interests that feel like they belong to someone else is somehow appropriate to the mood described above. As I type this, I work by the light of the monitor and two candles while listening to a forlorn tune on an internet folk station. In the bleak midwinter, indeed... GaP


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