Friday, January 19, 2007

Taking Stock...

Salut, Danny... Many thanks for your phone call...Not to worry about the lack of a Christmas Card. Contrary to popular belief, they are not mandatory. And truth to tell, I would rather receive nothing than a card that was sent out with the air of obligation(which is NEVER the case with you. You put your heart and soul into everything that you do...) You know the type..A generic card from a bulk box-set with only a person or couples' signature at the bottom. Usually written by one person. You can almost picture them at a table, speed-writing through them all, assembly-line style. It's the afterthought that counts, apparently. So no worries there... Back at home, I'm trying to continue the futile task of getting my library in order. I come across books and magazines in an unruly pile(your highly organized manner would probaby have you commiting me to a sanatorium.) There's more than a little of my sister in me. (The one who rushes out and snaps up bargains and lets them pile up on the floor until her house looks like a junkyard.) Organizing all of the books/compact discs/and other minutaie is a daunting, depressing task...Especially when you look at the souvenirs of...not necessarily happier times but certainly times when I enjoyed my job, my profession a whole HELL of a lot MORE...Stuff I picked up in Glasgow and all around Scotland...England as well...Those memories seem like they belong to another who enjoy life, adventure, and TRAVEL a hell of a lot more...I envy you your call to return to Scotland on a regular basis. I miss the culture, I miss the burr, the hospitality, the WARMTH...I also miss my PASSION for the place. I remember when I wanted to move there. I'm not saying I'm unhappy...I'm saying I've changed. Some things are for the better...(losing my fear of least with Bill) other things NOT so...(I find it hard to even PRETEND to be friendly at work anymore...) Call it ageing... ... Hope you're well, my friend...Say hello to Margaret and Sara for me...GaP


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