Sunday, May 08, 2005

Darren Stephens Was Played By TWO Actors...

Hello, Brian and Traci... Having taken Brian's apocalyptic warning with the utmost sincerity (That of Will Ferrell starring in a movie version of THE LAND OF THE LOST heralding in the latest Armageddon), would you not agree that he would more suited to the bumbling Darren Stephens in the upcoming is closer to the mark regarding his particular brand of comedy? And Nicole Kidman as Samantha...Pretty damned close to perfect casting. And I'm allowing myself to get excited about REVENGE OF THE SITH. George Lucas' one last shot at redeeming my childhood memories. I remember walking under the Bridge Street Bridge with a copy of Fantastic Films clutched to my chest. It boasted the first pics of RETURN OF THE JEDI...and they looked promising. The shot of Han Solo and company being taken prisoner in what looked like the California Redwood Forest. That was before I knew about Ewoks. And the bad Sid and Marty Krofft cartoon characters in Jabba's palace. And the sucky wooden acting in HUGE parts of the movie. (Hello, Mister Ford...You're the main culprit...) It was the beginning of the end for my chilhood innocence. This is when it can come full circle! Dare I hope? Thoughts, opinions, rants, theories? GaP

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Prophetic Dreams

Working the flight home today, a co-worker said after the meal service: "I feel like I'm working in a f--king mental ward!" Yep. With screaming babies, rude and unsocialized people, and the general goofiness that comes with 285 people being jammed in a metal tube for 7 hours, things CAN get a bit weird. Always a challenge for the patience and civility. I wanted to address a series of dreams that I've been having since I went up to my dad's place in Quebec last week. I'm always in some version of a high school and there's always some sort of a test looming...and I'm always stressed about passing it. Is this a prophetic dream? Also I have this nagging little voice in my head that says..."You're a good life- observer, Gary. You have a fine eye for the details and nuances of human nature. But when are going to be a PARTICIPANT, Gary? When will you step down from the sidelines? When will you find your purpose and MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Damn good questions... All for now...Happy spring.